You think about your regular markets and expansion opportunities. Seeing opportunities and weighing the risks. Africa, a continent constantly in development.

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Would you like to get acquainted with the market, public or private, but wonder what (local) elements are crucial?

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Import and Export

We have arranged for direct export and import at our local branches in the Netherlands and Cameroon and do this entirely at our own behalf but also as co-shareholder.

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Who are we

OLAF Trading is an trading company for import and export, representation and economic and financial consultancy, between Western Europa and Francophone West Africa.

Our home bases are located in:
- The Netherlands, geographically attractive because of the proximity of the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, and
- Cameroon, of which the port city Douala is a gateway to a hinterland with 100 million people.

Through its many years of experience OLAF Trading has a very broad network in French-speaking West Africa. Do you have commercial ambitions toward West Africa, but do you need consultancy or mediation? OLAF Trading would be happy to share their expertise with you.

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History and developments

OLAF Trading was founded in 1995. More and more trading developed, in addition to traditional agricultural products such as coffee, cocoa and cotton. There was demand for all kinds of products and services, like (road) construction, electronic materials, water distribution tools, and training materials, sanitary ware, but also transport and ICT services.

Trade has grown with more than 15 % over the last five years per year:  figures that contrast sharply with the economic developments in Western Europe.

Growth is formed by both the prosperity and development by demographic factors.


As we find it very important to listen permantly to the market and our clients,  we are very proud to be one of the most appreciated enterprises in our segment.

Our professional team is very well prepared for the wide variety of the African market demands, as we have our expertises for the export of raw materials to elsewhere.