Wat  doen wij?


We bring large oVervoer_en_vracht.jpgr small consignments (company or individual) from our central office in Culemborg (30,000 m2) to Douala or Yaoundé. Also, we can transport your goods, to the neighboring countries, to the aforementioned cities , with additional contracts for follow up.

All formalities, including customs services, are taken into our account. Our prices include the custom duties on the spot.The minimum rate is based on a weight of 10 Kg with a price of € 50, - for such a package.


The goods can be delivered on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm at our address: Erasmusweg 15 in Culemborg. A phone call before submitting a request would be very practical.

Of course, we can also provide transportation from your destination to Culemborg. Please let us know at the product list provided.

In case of questions you can contact us by phone on:
(+31) 345 - 74 54 34

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