Our markets

You think about your regular markets and expansion opportunities. Seeing opportunities and weighing the risks.

Africa, a continent constantly in development. The people: vibrant and full of ambition to undertake further steps. A population that will double in the next 30 years. The need to make up arrears.

OLAF Trading specializes in Francophone West-Africa. With Cameroon as a base, we also cover the immediate neighbouring countries.

Are you thinking about export and or establishment in one of these countries? We look forward to meeting with you to see what we can offer. Our network, our expertise and our (physical) facilities.

We would like to represent you or do your acquisitions. Various forms of representation are possible. We are happy to discuss your desires and our possibilities.


- WAVIN Overseas (tubes)
- BIG Machinery (earth moving machines)
- Bonfix (taps, plumbing materials)
- Velleman (electronics)
- DEBAG (backery)
- Vitron (solar power)
- Pastificio Palante (spagetti and other pasta’s)
- Impronta (tiles)
- Gravena (plumbary)
- Central Carta (paper)
- Laffranchi Group (door fittings)
- Sina Serrature (door locks)