What we do

Strategy development

Would you like to get acquainted with the market, public or private, but wonder what (local) elements are crucial?

Is there an idea for developing a long-term vision in which interaction between the European and African markets is an essential part?

Do you have any future ideas for your Corporate management to sharpen policies that may develop  by example close cooperation to deal with African people and/or institutions ?

Do  you want to gather general market information, but do you lack the manpower or entrances?

Our experts can advise you in order to take the first of further steps or we can perform an initial feasibility study; we like to think with you.  Due Diligence and Market entrance examination will be on your side.

Our vision and values

Our vision

Our partners and customers are at the center of all the activities that we undertake. Our vision sets the direction in which the company and our own values ​​guide this route, as well as actions that are committed to the benefit of all actors who accompany us.

Our philosophy

Make exchanges "North-South" a palpable reality. We are dedicated to improving our customers' performance by applying our knowledge and experience. This way we want to contribute to the development and innovation of a world with unprecedented capabilities.

Our values

- Respect
- Quality
- Integrity